Top Shop Insiders Holiday Guide

Emma Arnold

Top Shop Insiders Holiday Guide We are thrilled to be included in the Top Shop holiday city guide along with Natalie Off Duty and the fashion editors of I Love You and Twin Magazine.

Go check out the feature on the Topshop website to see all my favorite places to eat drink and be merry in Chicago.

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I know I promised not to post any more outfit pics until next month, but I figure this is a special occasion smile Thank you so much to photographer Mallory Talty for this great shot. It was taken at the Laundry Magazine Grow Here Workshop.

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Oh how I love thee, Miu Miu Sparkle Booties. These puppies have been sitting in my closet for too long. Maybe I'll take them out for a spin over the Holidays.

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Read the Q&A over at Topshop and learn about a few of my favorite things here in Chicago. Also get the inside scoop on London, Berlin and New York from fashionable ladies in the know.


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