Street Style Outside the New Ikram

Emma Arnold

Street Style Outside the New Ikram Ok, so they wouldn't let me take pictures inside the store so this is actually a sneak peak OUTSIDE the new Ikram at 15 East Huron. The store itself resembles a gigantic red bento box, full of fashionable delights. Some of the more lovely things I saw were a collection of rare vintage bakelite bracelets and a white Givenchy gown (aka my future wedding dress).

I also stumbled onto the black Comme de Garcons clutch that was pictured earlier this week in the hands of Alicia. You can see the inside of the store and Ikram Goldman and Nick Cave having a nosh at

I met the lovely Brandon Frein co-founder of twentythirtyforty at the shop.If you haven't already, go check out all the fabulous items and BEAUTIFUL editorial photography on their site

Brandon is wearing a capelet by Marc Le Bihan from Robin Richman and a dope Sophmore t-shirt with a young (pre-heroin) Keith Richards on it.

tres awesome

Brandon's Marni bag looks delicious against the Ikram red. Her pants are Vanessa Bruno Athe from twentythirtyforty.

tres awesome

She bought a pair of Robert Clergerie shoes and wore them right out of the store (a woman after my own heart) Brandon also picked up a pair of Zero + Maria Cornejo pants from Ikram.

tres awesome

I love these cicada earrings by Erica Weiner that Brandon is wearing. You can get your very own pair at Hazel at 1902 West Montrose in Chicago.

Go to Ikram and gaze at the gorgeous goods. If your feeling flush buy something! You can also eat food upstairs, if it's lunchtime.


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