Noelle Sharp of Aporta

Emma Arnold

Noelle Sharp of Aporta Noelle Sharp is the textile designer and artist behind the fabulous knit accessories line Aporta. She also makes wonderful art objects that you can check out on her personal portfolio site.

tres awesome

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This isn't Noelle's first Rodeo. With style like her's it's no surprise that she's been on the site before, wearing Aporta of course! (See her photos from last winter on Très Awesome)

tres awesome

I love the bold and delicate design of Noelle's scarf. It looks great with her patterned romper and is available online at (alongside all kinds of other wonderful things). Also can we talk about her tiny critter spine necklace?!?! It's out of this world cool.

This Chicago street style fashion was captured in Millennium Park.


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