Eider in Wicker Park

Emma Arnold

Eider in Wicker Park When I bump into an extraordinarily stylish person I often feel like it's fate intervening. Like two pieces of a cosmic style puzzle coming together. I spotted Eider and her boyfriend as they were exploring Wicker Park this weekend while on holiday from Barcelona (How I WISH we could claim this one as our own!).

tres awesome

I LOVE this photo of her. It's a moment that's sculptural and odd. She looks beautiful.

According to several reputable fashion sources, burgundy is very on trend right now. I always think it's funny how the fashion world invents these things, primarily for lack of anything else to talk about. The fact of the matter is that burgundy has always been great and will continue be fashionable for the rest of our lives. Hooray for burgundy!

Refinery29 loves Eider's style too. See another photo of her that's just as breathtaking on their website.


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