City Soles Texting Contest for Free Shoes

Jared Hatch

City Soles Texting Contest for Free Shoes City Soles in Wicker Park is known for selling some of the most interesting shoes in Chicago; but They can be pretty expensive too, for designers whose names aren't Christian Louboutin or Charlotte Olympia. However, the store makes that point negligible with its permanent "win a pair" contest.

If you text citysolestv to 96362, as frequently as you want--every hour on the hour, every thirty minutes, etc.--you could win a free pair of shoes! The drawing takes place every Friday, promotes their blog, and the contest is ongoing. So if you're in the market for a new pair of shoes, but are low on funds, try your hand at the City Soles contest. If you win, we're sure your shoes will grab the attention of some other style blogger out there who wants to feature you and your (sole) style on her website.

City Soles [Official Site]
City Soles TV [City Soles]


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