Wardrobe Essentials: 6 Reasons Why You Need A Statement Necklace

Wardrobe Essentials: 6 Reasons Why You Need A Statement Necklace Start Slide Show

There are a million reasons why you should own a major statement piece. It's not because you like attention, can't live without bling, or that you like to keep your style simple. It IS because one morning you woke up with one of these annoying fashion related internal monologues you thought had no cure.


If you're anything like me, you periodically (almost always) wake with one of the following thoughts:

1. I don't have anything to wear. (Which is usually the result of feeling like.... (see next line.)

2. I can't fit in any of my clothes.

3. I hope nobody notices I'm wearing this dress AGAIN.

4. I want to be comfortable in this super casual outfit, but feel fabulous!

5. I want to wear jeans.

6. How can I distract eyes from what I'm wearing?

The answer? A statement necklace. It will cure every one of these thoughts in one move. Finding the right piece is up to your personal style and how you feel when you place it neatly on your neckline. It will instantly upgrade your look to uber chic, distract from a repeat outift offense, erase your memory of the extra 10 pounds you can't seem to lose or guarantee a million compliments on a day when you thought you couldn't buy one! I'm sure you have the daily dose of your own reasons why you need this accessory and I welcome you to share them, but for now let me help you find your happy place with a few noteworthy options to get you inspired!


Style Solutions Shopping List:

1-2.  Doloris Petunia Seurat One of a Kind Statement Necklace- Color block with Vintage Crystal and Sailors Rope (Metallic) , $405

3. DANNIJO Hixon Collar, $745

4. Damen + Division Double Ombré Necklace in burgundy is $345 available at SARCA

5. Lizzie Fortunato Paris Boulevard, $404

6. Lulu Frost Demeter Tie Back Necklace, $360


#1 & 2 - I have nothing to wear because I can't fit in any of my clothes! There is a simple solution to this dilemma. Every girl should own an A-Line Dress that looks fabulous one size up and one size down. It's that simple. If you are currenntly on the one size up side, don't worry, because adding this AMAZING Doloris Petunia Statement Necklace is guaranteed to make you feel beautiful no matter what!


#3 - I hope nobody notices this repeat dress offense!




#4 - Casual Chic Grocery Getter - How to update your casual everyday uniform to Casual Chic in seconds!



#5 - Wearing Denim Out - How to do it right without feeling shabby? Coated / Waxed Denim is your new BFF!!!


#6 - The ultimate outfit distractor - Want to make sure that people fail to notice your down-in-the-dumps dressing? Keep their line of sight fixed to your best assets. No, not your decolletage silly! Your fabulous face and amazing neckline adorned with Lulu Frost.





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