The Possessionista

Is Dana Weiss the next Joan Rivers on fashion? She's a tough act to follow, but we think she might be it!

The Possessionista

Take one part TV obsession and one part designer super sleuth and you’ve got one of the most successful “what is she wearing?” fashion blogs with a super dose of twitter wit that has most of the country laughing while proving that some people just need to get a sense of humor!

Name: Dana Weiss
Occupation: Possessionista

Possessionista is all about TV featured fashion with a super witty spin, which is so different than the typical fashion blog. How did you decide on this niche?
It was really an organic process. My two favorite things are watching TV and shopping. And I just started writing it down. At the time, no one was really writing about TV fashion, and so people were Googl-ing the clothes they wanted from the shows they were watching and they stumbled upon my site.

How do you pick the shows you are going to watch and report on?
In the beginning I only wrote about shows that I legitimately watched, but as my readership grew, I took into consideration the shows other people watched. That’s how Parenthood and Modern Family got into the mix.

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Any shows or reality stars that make your work especially fun? Who or which show is the most requested for fashion finds?
Shockingly I think a lot of times reality TV personalities garner the most interest. Maybe because they’re regular people? I could do an entire blog on Jillian Harris and Emily Maynard from the Bachelor all by itself and never run out of thing to say.

If you cold dress like any TV star, who would it be and why?
I’m really, really super obsessed with everything that Ashley Madekwe from Revenge wears. She’s a great example of mixing high and low fashion. She wears Theyskens’ Theory and Zara almost interchangeably. And I really love Charlie/Ivy from Gossip Girl.

Best fashion trends you report on?
I love color and I love seeing it everywhere, from neon colored clutches, to outrageous manicures. I like using color in unexpected ways, so I’m loving all the colored shoes right now. Actually I love anything to do with shoes. Shoes are really having a moment right now.

Worst fashion moments you reported on?
During the City I did a weekly feature called “WTF Whitney Port” that focused solely on Whitney Port’s missteps.

What’s new and in the works, like OpenSky and TJMaxx?
I love the holidays. Starting in December I do a style-studded holiday gift guide where I ask celebrity stylists, journalists, actors, authors to suggest their two favorite gifts to give and get. This year I have some amazing names that I think people are going to love. And every January I do something called 31 days of giveaways. Every single day I do a giveaway of a stylish product in fashion or beauty. I feel like no one is shopping in January – it’s like a holiday hangover. The Possessionista 31 Days of Giveaways is like hair of the dog – it’ll get you back on your feet shopping in no time.

Your Twitter handle has a huge following. What makes you so successful?
Honestly? I have no idea. Social media is such a weird thing? I use the Possessionista twitter handle to interact with my readers and I live tweet the Bachelor. I think that people love to have a common enemy, and so there’s a lot of appeal to getting on Twitter and snarking about the show among “friends.”

You have a Garmental Groupie account, so what is your style?
I live in jeans and flowy tops. I’m never in flats. I’m pretty girly, but I’m also a throwback, so there’s a lot of 70’s inspiration in my style. But I’m also a mom, so my clothes have to be practical.

Short Story from The Denim Lounge & City Highrise from CityBlue Apparel & Denim featured Looks


Any favorite looks from Garmental that you love right now?

I love the dressy shorts from Denim Lounge, and the fantasy wide legs from City Blue. The former is very Hart of Dixie and the latter is very me. I have about 13 new pair of flare jeans I bought this year.

What is currently your favorite item in your closet?
I just bought a second pair of Current/Elliott’s pull on bell. It’s like a denim yoga pant, for when you can’t bear to get dressed, but you know you’re not going to the gym.

What do you think makes Chicago style different from any other city, or is it?
I think Chicago is best when it accepts itself as Chicago. When people stop emulating New York and LA and just do their thing, that’s when Chicago shines. I love Emma Arnold’s website Tres Awesome, it’s a perfect collection of true Chicago street style.


What is your current obsession?
Glitter nail polish. My kindle. Floppy hats. Getting a tapeworm.

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What do you pack for a last minute trip?
Extra ponytail ties. I have great ambitions that I’m going to do my hair, but I’d rather explore.

Worst fashion moment?
My sophomore year in high school I wore brightly colored thermal leggings under plaid boxer shorts. Seriously. I thought that was acceptable.

Favorite Career Moment? 
This is going to sound nuts but I was at TJ Maxx picking something up and I noticed a woman sort of following me around the store. Finally she was like, “are you the Possessionista?” I couldn’t believe it.

Which fashion trend do you wish would go away forever or never come back?
Bedazzled everything. Rhinestone tee shirts and crystal jeans. Leave it at the shore.

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