Peach Carr

The Project Runway designer and hometown heroine dishes on fashion.

Peach Carr

Peach Carr, from Project Runway fame, talks to us about her fun, personal style and shares her Chicago hit list of where to go and what to do. You'll also see her vindication for what her Project Runway co-stars swore to her was a fashion don't!

Name: Peach Carr
Occupation: Fashion Designer & Owner of Peach Carr, Inc.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the fashion industry? 
The fashion industry is exciting, challenging and evolving at every turn; it is exhilarating to be around all of the creative energy which envelops fashion.

What is currently your favorite item in your closet?
My combat boots.

When all else fails, what item is your “go-to” item for a chic look?
Instant chic: Black cashmere sweater, short (not too short) grey skirt with metal studs, opaque black tights and combat boots.

What is your favorite piece from your current collection?
A halter dress made of shredded black spandex with big brass hook and eye trim.

Why do you LOVE Chicago?
The Chicago vibe is electric; chic, urban and trendy at the same time. If you can’t find something fabulous to do in Chicago... you need to wake up. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

What do you think makes Chicago style different from any other city, or is it?
The Chicago style is unique: Chicagoans pay attention to trends but they aren’t held hostage to them... they are current without being overtly trendy, chic but not stuffy; yet are still able to let their individuality seep through. Chicago women are generally very well dressed and seem to accessorize with a hint of a devil-may-care attitude.

Where is your favorite place to eat/drink/play in Chicago?
I love to try new restaurants, but have my fall-backs: Frontera Grill (don’t you just LOVE Rick Bayless?) Spiaggia, and, once a year we hit Pizzaria Uno. Now, of course we need to mention the Chicago bar scene... Butch McGuiresThe LodgeMother’sTwin Anchors... the list is endless; so were the dollars I donated in my twenties to keep these establishments afloat. A good Irish pub crawl is also a Chicago must... I see it as celebrating my heritage. The shopping in Chicago is phenominal; from the Gold Coast to the small boutiques scattered all over the entire city... an adventure at every turn. Now, my husband will cringe at this, but... there is no place like Wrigley Field for a true Chicago experience: from the ivy to the hotdogs to the Bleacher Bums... true heaven.

What essential piece do you think every Chicago gal should have in their closet?
No Chicago gal should be without a chic little black dress and killer heels.

What is your current obsession?
I am competely immersed in and obsessd with all things 60’s and 70’s... vintage Pucci dresses, Mondrian shifts, and all things houndstooth.

iPhone or Blackberry?

iTunes or Pandora? 

What is the last thing you bought?
Ivory Cole Haan loafers for summer.

What do you pack for a last minute trip?
A cashmere sweater, cigarette pants and loafers... all black, of course.

Worst fashion moment? 
Any outfit I wore in the 80’s... all cringeworthy.

Favorite fashion moment? 
I took a lot of guff from everyone on Project Runway for my preppy loafers, then the October issue of Vogue Germany dedicated an entire page to loafers. Not only did they post a photo of Audrey Hepburn in her loafers, it happens that I own two of the featured pairs, which I wore on the show. I felt a little vindicated, I must admit.

Which fashion trend do you wish would go away forever or never come back?
The 80’s. Please. No, really... please.

Twitter Handle?
Haven’t embraced Twitter yet, but it is my New Year’s Resolution.

Facebook Page?
Yup... Peach Carr


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