Gaby Basora

The fabulous designer for Tucker, our featured Garmental Gift this month, talks about her love of fashion and Chicago.

Gaby Basora

Tucker designer, Gaby Basora, talks to us about the exclusive tops she designed for Perchance Boutique. She also professes her love for Chicago and her not so love for Uggs.

Name: Gaby Basora
Occupation: Designer for Tucker

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the fashion industry?

When all else fails, what item is your “go-to” item for a chic look?
Fabulous vintage estate jewelry.

Why did you choose Perchance Boutique to design 2 exclusive tops?
I was born in Chicago! I love Chicago! Perchance is quintessentially young, modern Chicago.

What do you love about the exclusive patterns you created for Perchance Boutique?
As with all Tucker prints – the balance, the colors.

Why do you think the Chicago gal loves to wear Tucker?
Every woman wants to look beautiful – Tucker is universally flattering.

Why do you LOVE Chicago?
The architecture, the urban planning – the city has a grandeur to it.

Where is your favorite place to eat/drink/play in Chicago?
I love to rent bikes and ride up Lake Shore Drive.

What is your current obsession?
Backless jumpsuits

iPhone or Blackberry?

iTunes or Pandora? What is playing on heavy rotation?
iTunes; SLC Punk – I love living in the city

Favorite fashion moment?
I broke my foot recently and am in a boot while it heals. I went to Paris for fashion week and only packed the right foot of all my favorite shoes.

Worst fashion moment?
Can a favorite fashion moment also be the worst?

Which fashion trend do you wish would go away forever or never come back?

Twitter Handle?
Silence is golden.

Facebook Page?
A little mystery goes a long way.

Is there anyone you love to follow on Social Media?
If you can’t tell, I’m not huge on social media – I don’t even own a TV!


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