Artfully Disheveled

The "Tailored Misfit" trio designs neckware for rugged Midwest Americana with a debonair twist, of course!

Artfully Disheveled

The Chicago-Cincinnati collaboration of brothers Trey Berre, Chris Berre and graphic designer Michael Palmer are the Midwestern masterminds behind the brand Artfully Disheveled. Designing strictly for the well-dressed rebel, AD wants to finish every man's look in style even if he has to Beg, Borrow and Steal.

Names: Chris Berre, Michael Palmer, and Trey Berre

Chris - Owner of Artfully Disheveled and Lawyer, Entrepreneurial Counsel
Palmer - Senior Design Manager on Global Male Grooming Design at Proctor and Gamble
Trey - Attorney with the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)

What is currently your favorite item in your closet?
CB: Besides my 10-year-old cowboy boots, I would have to say it is a custom navy blue linen suit I got this past spring. It’s a little out there with peak lapels, a ticket pocket and purple lining but I guess that’s why I like it.  It seems like I am watching all of my friends get married this summer and this has been the go to summer wedding suit.

When all else fails, what item is your “go-to” item for a chic look?
CB: When all else fails, I grab my classic slim fit blue blazer. I have had it for years. It is good for just about any occasion and can be dressed up or more casual depending on what you pair it with. Sounds extremely cliché, because it is. But, it’s true.

The Six Shooter

What is your favorite piece from your current collection?
CB: Our current collection is about to debut very soon. I would say my favorite piece is called The Butcher. Let’s just say it is this season’s take on The Six Shooter which seemed to be our most popular piece in our inaugural collection.

What do you think makes Chicago style different from any other city, or is it?
MP: Chicago is a great Midwestern city. AD is a Midwestern brand. The brand was born in Cincinnati/Chicago, two quintessential Midwestern cities. There is something very American about the Midwest. A lot of people say style can’t come from here. We disagree. Chicago represents that blue collar work ethic that is the backbone of America. We are trying to take our style back to that gritty work ethic while putting a polished twist to it. It’s our brand of Midwest Americana.

Where is your favorite place to eat/drink/play in Chicago?
TB: Places to Eat:

Spacca Napoli: Some of the best pizza I have ever had. Hands down. Fortunately (maybe unfortunately) it is right around the corner from my fiancés photography studio/our AD Carriage House Show Room.
Los Nopales: Who doesn’t like great Mexican food? And, who doesn’t like BYOB. This is the best of both worlds.
The Bedford: Great food, great drink, better atmosphere. This place is in an old bank. There is something very Artfully Disheveled about having a bar in a bank.
Kuma's Corner: Best burgers. Period.

Places to Drink:
Nomi Garden: Chicago boasts a LOT of rooftop bars. Nomi Garden has to be near the top of the list.
Bar on Buena: I live right around the corner from this joint. One of the better beer selections around. Small beer garden out front for the Chicago summers and a comfortable interior that is perfect for the cold, dark winters.

iPhone or Blackberry?
CB: Trey and Plamer have iPhones. I have a Blackberry. I always tell them iPhones are glorified Gameboys and Blackberry’s are for serious business. That said, I am switching to the iPhone within the next month.

iTunes or Pandora? What is playing on heavy rotation?
CB: I’m a Pandora guy. Love iTunes but I can NEVER think of the songs I want to download. With Pandora, I get to hear some different stuff I have never heard of. I also still like the whole “free music” thing. That said, I am digging Spotify.

Palmer has one of the deepest and most eclectic iTunes collections I have ever seen so when it’s time to start thinking about designs and collections, we usually dial up his account.

What do you pack for a last minute trip?
CB: For a last minute weekend trip, I usually throw in my favorite pair of jeans, 1-2 white dress shirts, 1-2 white t-shirts, my cowboy boots, 2 AD ties and pocket squares and my blue blazer. I don’t have to think about it, can pack in 5 minutes and that recipe can pretty much get you through the weekend anywhere.

Favorite Career Moment?
CB: We’re so young. I hope we have a lot more favorite moments in the future. But, I would say receiving that first lot of our debut collection, “Beg, Borrow and Steal.” A year and a half of work, research, preparation all of the sudden became tangible pieces that we had envisioned.

Which fashion trend do you wish would go away forever or never come back?
CB: “Going Out Shirts” if you have a shirt in your closet that you designate as a “Going Out Shirt,” throw it away right now. These are usually bright striped button down shirts with contrasting cuff colors that guys wear untucked to show the ladies that they are cool and casual. You look sloppy, cheesy and baggy. Throw it away.

Also, “Smedium” t-shirts with dragons, skulls and broken hearts bedazzled all over them. You look like an idiot.

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Facebook has been an incredible tool for us. We aren’t just selling ties, bow ties and pocket squares, but we are trying to spread a lifestyle. We give style tips, influential quotes and link to content geared to the Artfully Disheveled man. Oh, and we give away FREE gear to our fans as well. So go ahead and “Like” us.

Is there anyone you love to follow on Social Media?
The Sartorialist and of course various food trucks.


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