Meghan Goulette's Haute Hostess Gift List

Being a single working housewife is hard work, but Meghan Goulette makes it look easy! From holiday parties to the perfect brunch, Meghan knows the ins and outs of themes, decor and dishing up delicious bites! When you have a hostess who works as hard as Meghan, show your appreciation with a smart gift. Here are Meghan's picks for the perfect hostess gifts that will make you stand out! New Year's Eve is right around the corner, so keep these in mind...

Hostess Extraordinaire & Party Expert: Meghan Goulette

Day Job: Director of Marketing at Rockit Ranch Productions

Where you find her fabulous events: Rockit Ranch Venues in Chicago


1. Mark and Graham monogrammed cocktail napkins

2.  Diptyque Holiday Collection Candles

3. Coffee Joulies: these amazing little beans will bring any coffee temperature down to optimum drinking levels and keep it at that ideal temperature for hours!

4. Homemade Gin Kit: for the ambitious at home mixologist

5. Polka Dot Cake Stand, C Wonder: Go the extra mile and add some sweets to it before you bring it over!

6. A unique orchid: Go beyond the traditional flowers and bring the hostess a potted orchid. I love the selection from A New Leaf in Chicago. Whatever you do, don't bring any flowers that the hostess will have to cut, put in a vase, or fuss with in any way!

7. Artisanal salts from Sur la Table: for the gourmet chef or the wannabe gourmet chef

8. Luxurious Cleaning Supplies from The Home Good Co.: If you are heading to a big party with a lot of next day cleanup, make it a little more enjoyable for your hostess and package up some of these sweet smelling supplies.

9. Wishbone bottle opener, Anthropologie: Combine this with a craft liquor from a local distillery and some Fever Tree tonic10. Limited edition Jeff Koons Dom Perignon: For the hostess who really deserves a treat this holiday season

10. Limited edition Jeff Koons Dom Perignon: For the hostess who really deserves a treat this holiday season