What to Buy and What to Skip From Alexander Wang x H&M

"There's been a lot of buzz about this collection. Alexander Wang, now firmly entrenched at Balenciaga and the established prince of New York cool, is kind of a big deal. And from what we've seen so far from the collaboration, it does seem pretty great. I mean, there are boxing gloves and Rihanna's already worn some of the pieces for goodness sake. There's even going to be a fashion show, which—yippee!—you'll be able to stream live tonight. It's all very exciting," explains Perez.

From the looks of Glamour's top picks, we're more inclined to pull out the pieces that have a chance staying in your wardrobe for more than 30 days!  And, we're pretty sure that you should avoid wearing a beanie with a gian "WANG" on your head this season. You are welcome!

While items are mostly under $200, the collection finally hits stores on November 6th.

1) Cutout Dress

6. Quilted Motorcycle Jacket, Neoprene Riding Pants, Slides (leave the beanie behind)

8. Lazer-Cut T-Shirt Dress, Flat Boots

10. Just the Pants

12. Just the Leather Pants