About Garmental

Garmental.com is an online community of local shopping & style.


Garmental was created to make the task of shopping and style simple for you! We focus on bringing you the very best in accessible fashion straight from your local marketplace.

Whether you have fashionista status or find shopping a challenge, our resident style expert scours the racks and virtual marketplace to provide daily inspiration with styled looks you can buy, fashion features on trends you need to know now and style tips you can't live without or just make your life easy!

We put you, the shopper, in touch with the very best local brands and boutiques. And, we're your very own personal stylist right at your fingertips - minus the fee, of course!



We provide fashion-obsessed, savvy shoppers with:

• Daily style inspiration

• A boutique search & mapping tool (More cities to come!!)

• Amazing designer giveaways

• A list of sales at local boutiques

• Access to local fashion news, trends, & events